Section 8 Code Compliance for Atlanta Landlords: 4 Things to Understand

//Section 8 Code Compliance for Atlanta Landlords: 4 Things to Understand

Section 8 Code Compliance for Atlanta Landlords: 4 Things to Understand

Today we’re talking about the things Atlanta landlords need to understand when they have Section 8 tenants. This housing program has a number of regulations and codes that require compliance. None of these things are optional. You need to be vigilant about the codes that affect your property and your tenants.


Grass and Landscaping

Your property does not have to look like it belongs in a home and garden magazine, but you do need to pay special attention to your grass. Keep it mowed and don’t let it get messy. We have seen code officers who actually show up to properties with a ruler and measure the length of grass. Don’t give them a reason to issue you a citation or disqualify you from the Section 8 program. Cut your grass and keep it neat.


Trash and Debris

You don’t want trash or debris to collect in the yard, driveway or inside the house. Make sure the trash is collected on a regular basis and visit the property once in a while to make sure there isn’t any cleaning that’s necessary at the home. The place has to look presentable and clean, whether it’s occupied or vacant.


Vacant Homes

When you don’t have a tenant living in your property, it’s important to make sure the home is secured. Set up an alarm system or make frequent visits to inspect the house. Make sure all the doors, windows and other points of entry are locked and secure. You don’t want the house to look vacant because that might attract troublemakers. Continue to keep the grass cut and consider keeping outdoor lights on in the evenings.


Listing the Property

In order to attract Section 8 tenants, you need to make sure that pool of renters knows your home is available. List your vacant property with all the local entities that can help you market your home to their program members.


When you’re a Section 8 landlord, you have to pay attention to more codes and regulations than a landlord who does not have Section 8 tenants. The rental income makes this extra work worth it. If you have any questions about how to stay compliant while in the Section 8 program, please contact us at Bailey and Hunter Realty, and we’d be happy to tell you more.

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