Why Work with Bailey & Hunter for Atlanta Property Management

//Why Work with Bailey & Hunter for Atlanta Property Management

Why Work with Bailey & Hunter for Atlanta Property Management

Bailey & Hunter has the experience and the relationships to provide you with high quality, full service property management in Atlanta. We’d like to share a few of the best reasons to begin working with us.

Local Real Estate Expertise

We have over 30 years of property management and real estate experience. If you’re an investor from outside of Atlanta, working with us will give you the local zip code you need to manage your properties through an LLC or hold a tenant’s security deposit in a local bank. We can also provide you with peace of mind that someone close to your rental home will be able to get there quickly in an emergency. We have developed and maintained close working relationships with the development and real estate community in Atlanta. We know the market well, and that helps our landlords maximize the performance of their investors.

Understanding the Housing Choice Voucher Program

The housing choice voucher program is an area that few landlords and investors understand. We know what the program requires. We follow all the updates and requirements coming from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and the Atlanta Housing Authority to ensure you remain in compliance and protected while providing a safe and habitable place for tenants to live.

Flat Pricing Model

One thing that our clients appreciate is that our fee structure is transparent and easy to understand. Instead of over-complicating what we charge, there’s a flat price in place for the leasing and management of your home. You won’t have any hidden fees, and everything that your property gains and loses will be clearly detailed in your monthly statements.

Innovative Staff and Software

why-work-with-bailey-hunter-for-atlanta-property-managementOur team is professional, modern, and technologically advanced. We have three licensed brokers on staff, and we utilize state-of-the-art software to ensure your property is managed correctly and efficiently. Most of our communication and accounting is done online, and you’ll be able to access information about your account at any time. We’re also developing our own property management app; stay tuned for that.

Our constant quest for excellence has resulted in a new look and feel. It’s more than just branding. We want to bring you the most professional property management possible. Contact us at Bailey & Hunter, and we’ll tell you how we can help your investment property perform better.

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