Bailey and Hunter Realty 7th Annual Turkey Trot

//Bailey and Hunter Realty 7th Annual Turkey Trot

Bailey and Hunter Realty 7th Annual Turkey Trot

At Bailey and Hunter Realty, we believe in making the rental experience a superior one for our tenants. We’re there when they have questions about their lease agreements. We respond to their maintenance requests promptly and efficiently. We provide resources that help them feel at home in their new neighborhood. We also help them feed their families.

The holidays can be stressful and expensive. Bailey and Hunter Realty takes away some of that stress by providing turkeys to our residents and their families. Together with our clients, we host this Turkey Trot every year at Thanksgiving time. This year was especially successful, and many of our tenants were happy to collect their Thanksgiving bird from the landlords and managers who work hard to provide a safe, comfortable home for all the residents we work with.

Happy holidays from Bailey and Hunter Realty.


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