Atlanta Annual Rental Inspection How To: 3 Key Things to Look Out For

//Atlanta Annual Rental Inspection How To: 3 Key Things to Look Out For

Atlanta Annual Rental Inspection How To: 3 Key Things to Look Out For

Today at Bailey and Hunter Realty, we’re talking about how to prepare for your annual rental inspection as an Atlanta landlord. There are a few things you need to look for when you’re doing your own inspection so you aren’t surprised when the inspector shows up and hands you a list of things you need to repair or replace.


Safety Issues

The most important thing to look for during your inspection is anything that would pose a safety hazard or threat. Your stairs should have railings and your smoke detectors should have batteries. Make sure there is nothing inside or outside the house that can be dangerous to your tenants or their guests. The inspector will be extremely detailed while looking around your property and safety risks are always cited. Look for holes in the yard, loose floor boards and leaks in the roof. You’ll also want to tighten any loose screws and door knobs that might be close to falling off. No detail is too minor. Check everything.



You cannot possibly pass an inspection when you have pests or insects crawling around your property. Schedule regular pest control services to avoid any infestations or nests. Inspectors are going to hate any type of pest, whether they find bugs in the kitchen or rodents setting up house in the attic or snakes crawling around the backyard. Check for and eliminate all pest problems.



The house needs to look its absolute best for your annual inspection. Work with you tenants on this. Provide a checklist so they know exactly what they need to do in advance of the inspector arriving. You want to do more than simply run a vacuum. Consider having the place professionally cleaned so you make a good impression during the inspection. Toilets, floors, appliances and countertops should shine. The grass outside should be cut and the weeds should be pulled.


These are just a few of the things you need to be prepared for when your annual inspection is set to arrive. If you’d like more information on how to ensure you don’t get a citation, please contact us at Bailey and Hunter Realty, and we’d be happy to tell you more.

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