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Selling a property can be an emotional experience. Maybe it’s the house you grew up in and you’re nervous about letting it go. Or perhaps it’s an investment property that has provided you with years of rental income, and you’re hoping the sale will allow you to reap a high return on your investment. The sales process can be challenging and frustrating, but the talented team at Bailey & Hunter will handle it with efficiency and professionalism.

When the experienced agents at Bailey & Hunter help you sell your Atlanta home, you can expect preparation. Curb appeal is important and directly affects your ability to attract buyers.

  • Keep the lawn mowed and the landscaping neat.
  • Touch up exterior paint and trim your bushes.
  • Plant flowers and clear any debris.

Your agent will also make recommendations on minor updates and upgrades that will help you earn more on the sale of your home and sell quickly.

  • Paint walls in neutral colors and make sure floors are free of stains, cracks, and damage.
  • Fix any leaky faucets, burnt out lightbulbs, or broken locks.
  • Inspect your systems like heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical.

A sales agent with Bailey & Hunter will take care of marketing and advertising, as well as showings and negotiations. You won’t have to worry about anything except keeping the property clean and presentable, and deciding what comes next for you once the property sells. Every detail is managed, from pricing the home according to the local market to working with buyers and their agents, and overseeing the closing process once you have an offer on the table. We respond to feedback and market trends, ensuring your home sells quickly and for the best price.

You’ll be glad you listed your home with Bailey & Hunter.
If you’re anxious to list your house, or still wondering whether it’s a good idea to sell your property or rent it out – talk to us at Bailey & Hunter. We have been leaders in the Atlanta real estate market for years, and we can help you decide what’s best for you and your home.

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