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Available Rental Properties in Atlanta, Georgia

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At Bailey & Hunter Realty, we are the solution for providing property management and finding rental homes in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas. Tenants who rent our properties know they have a responsive, accessible, and professional team of managers waiting to ensure they have a positive and pleasant rental experience.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish in-town loft or a suburban five-bedroom house with a yard and excellent schools, we can accommodate you. Our Atlanta rental homes are in excellent condition, easy to maintain, and located in the most desirable neighborhoods in and around the city.
For over 30 years, Bailey & Hunter Realty has been matching tenants and properties. If you already know exactly what you’re looking for, take a few moments to browse our current listings. You’ll be able to access detailed descriptions, look at photos, and even map out exactly where the home is located. We can answer questions like whether pets are accepted, how much the monthly rent will be, and what kind of security deposit you’ll need to provide before signing the lease.
If you’re not sure about exactly what you’re looking for, talk to us. Our experience as an Atlanta property management company has allowed us to understand tenants and what makes for an exceptional leasing experience. Tell us about you and your lifestyle, and we’ll give you some attractive options.

Tenant Safety and Security

All tenants benefit from the security measures Bailey & Hunter has in place. We implement the most innovative technology to protect you and the property you occupy. There’s a 24-hour emergency hotline that tenants can call when something unexpected happens, whether it’s a water leak, a break down in heat or air conditioning, or damage to the home due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

We also provide convenience. For routine maintenance and regular repairs, tenants simply place a request on line. Our team will get in touch right away to evaluate the problem and schedule the necessary work. You can also pay your rent online. We make it easy to be a tenant.

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