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For the real estate professionals at Bailey & Hunter,

developing properties in Atlanta is just as important as managing properties in Atlanta.

Our Development Strengths:

Our business is about building communities, and anytime there is an opportunity to help provide affordable housing and create stable and successful neighborhoods, we want to be a part of that. Our Atlanta property management leadership means having vision and knowing how to plan for the future needs of the areas we serve.

  • We have worked on development projects totaling over $2.2 million.
  • We specialize in large and small development projects, as well as mixed use development.
  • We buy and develop properties with potential for our community.
  • Our current project is the College Street Station Development Project on Main Street in College Park.

With anchor capital a huge requirement in our Atlanta communities, Bailey & Hunter Realty works to develop residential and commercial properties that provide affordable housing, shopping opportunities, and access to transportation, schools, and other necessities. Our projects create jobs for local workers, and we participate in building up communities so there’s a stable and successful environment for all of us in the places we live and work.

Investors feel good about working with us because we’re experienced, committed, and passionate about real estate in Atlanta. We don’t stop at managing homes for investors and property owners. We take the extra steps to build up a pool of viable, highly qualified tenants. We put time, energy, and resources into the Atlanta rental market, and we think that everyone reaps the rewards of those efforts.
If you are interested in the properties we’re currently working on, or you’d like to be part of the incredible work we’re doing in this area, contact us at Bailey & Hunter Realty. We love to discuss the full cycle of real estate investment – from purchase to development to management.

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